Ozric tentacles curious corn

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2012 saw a tumultuous upheaval for the group. Upon arriving home from an extensive 40 date tour through North America and Europe, which included debut performances in Russia, the group was immediately evacuated from their home and studio. It was located directly in the path of the most destructive forest fire in Colorado history. The band had only moments to grab their most important possessions, before they were escorted out by Police and National Guard.

A live version of "The Throbbe", entitled "Live Throbbe", appears on Strangeitude and on the "Sploosh!" single.

It really hit me upon first listen how much better the songs are on this one than on the studio albums showing that OZRIC TENTACLES are indeed masters of the improvised jam and seem to provide studio albums only as teasers to what they were really known for with their ambitious and entrancing LIVE performances. The Hawkwind-esque space rock once again meets reggae, lysergic synthesizers and hypnotic echoing grooves and percussion. There is also a Steve Hillage tribute on "Aumriff" that borrows the classic guitar riff from the "Fish Rising" album. I personally find LIVE ETHEREAL CEREAL to be a more interesting listen than the first two studio albums. The energy and vitality of the band is on full display here. While the songs can range from aggressive to sensual and fluffy, the band play together in a tight and proficient manner and all members involved deliver the highest quality LIVE performances. Ed Wynne is noteworthy here as his guitar riffs are outstanding but it's Joie Hinton's space synth contributions set the whole thing on fire and into space as the drums, congas and bass lines deliver unrelenting rhythms. If you only get one of the early OZRIC TENTACLES albums then this would be a great start because it really exhibits everything the band is famous for at this stage of their career. Probably the only thing that is problematic on this one is the sound quality since these were recorded on primitive technology but even so all the instruments can be heard quite well and the remastered version cleans it up significantly, so not a problem for me at all. Like all six of the cassette-only releases LIVE ETHEREAL CEREAL was eventually released in 1994 by Dovetail Records on CD and today can be found digitally remastered and available in the "Vitamin Enhanced" boxed set. social review comments | Review Permalink
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Ozric Tentacles Curious CornOzric Tentacles Curious CornOzric Tentacles Curious CornOzric Tentacles Curious Corn