Red 5 - lift me up

Although it had long been noted that the selling of Ruth had been the beginning of a decline in the Red Sox' fortunes, the term "curse of the Bambino" was not in common use until the publication of the book The Curse of the Bambino by Dan Shaughnessy in 1990. [7] It became a key part of Red Sox lore in the media thereafter, and Shaughnessy's book became required reading in some high school English classes in New England. [7] [8]

The first General Base single Mein Gott, es ist voller Sterne was released in 1991. In 1992 he released his debut album First and the singles Back Again , Apache (a cover version of Apache by The Shadows from 1960), In Trance , Bidi, Bidi - Do You Wanna Dance , Marilyn Monroe and Poison .

Red 5 - Lift Me UpRed 5 - Lift Me UpRed 5 - Lift Me UpRed 5 - Lift Me Up