Liquid child diving faces

All nannies and Kids Camp staffers at Beaches Resorts are members of the International Nanny Association, America's oldest and largest in-home child care association. To become accredited, each nanny must meet the minimum requirement of 2,000 hours of child-care services. Additionally, our nannies have been trained in safety, nutrition and child development.

For a crash course in sensory and SPD , read my post on An Introduction to the Sensory Systems , as well as my page on Answers to Commonly Asked Questions About Sensory and Sensory Processing Disorder . You can also learn more about sensory processing in a great book called Sensory Processing 101 , which is written by my therapy buds over at The Inspired Treehouse .

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Liquid Child Diving FacesLiquid Child Diving FacesLiquid Child Diving FacesLiquid Child Diving Faces