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The Undertaker faced Irwin R. Schyster in the next match. The Undertaker gained the advantage at the beginning and held it until Ted DiBiase called his druids to the ring. When The Undertaker attempted to attack Schyster from the top rope, the druids shook the ropes and caused him to fall. Schyster performed a clothesline to knock The Undertaker out of the ring, where he and the druids attacked The Undertaker. When the match returned to the ring, Schyster was in control. Both men got knocked down, however, and a druid snuck into the ring and rolled Schyster on top of The Undertaker for a pinfall attempt. The Undertaker kicked out and attempted to perform the Tombstone Piledriver . A druid interfered to prevent the move, but The Undertaker performed a chokeslam on Schyster to gain the pinfall victory. After the match, Ted DiBiase called out Corporation member King Kong Bundy to help Schyster attack The Undertaker and steal the urn, which was said to be the source of The Undertaker's power. [4] [12] [18]

Joining Michaels as EPs are Rich, Wilson, Radcliffe and Andrew Singer of Michaels’ Broadway Video, which will produce the series in association with Turner ’s Studio T.

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With its crew of surgical hotshots issuing directives in hipster slang (”All quiet on the Western front — let’s zap him!”), Article 99 would love to be a muckraking M*A*S*H . Yet the movie, which has a live-wire surface energy and an urgent performance by Liotta, is a shallow, tabloid expose. The hospital here is a cartoon of bureaucratic inefficiency: It’s so badly run that the patients seem lucky if they can get an aspirin. I don’t mean to trivialize the crisis in veterans’ health care — it’s an outrage that has dragged on for years — but Article 99 is more interested in tapping our collective adolescent self-righteousness than it is in showing us how a veterans’ hospital actually functions (or doesn’t function). In the ridiculous, shoot-the-works finale, the villainous hospital chief (John Mahoney) is exposed and reprimanded by a high-ranking Washington official. Didn’t it occur to the filmmakers that it’s the government’s policy — and not some hog-tied administrator — that’s responsible for the situation they so glibly assail? C

Have you ever seen this pretty pop queen on a bassy scrunching track? It’s like caramel — rich, almost unbearably sweet, but so good at the same time. That was what I was intending to do. I wanted you to make a mean mug face when it came on. So like on “Get Back,” one of the bonus songs, it was gritty and like a videogame — drums distorted a bit, grimy synthesizer bass that had a nasty characteristic, a nice melodic bassline. The bass sounds even had tones. That’s what I would use to make the groove, not the 808 or smooth sub-basses. Even in “Gimme More” — just that “vroom vroom” sound — everything was distinct and had characteristics.

Owen Michaels Who Did It Vol1Owen Michaels Who Did It Vol1Owen Michaels Who Did It Vol1Owen Michaels Who Did It Vol1