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That’s all the news that’s currently fit to print, from me. In the meantime I’m going to finish off this new album – I’m very excited about it, it’s sonically the most diverse thing I’ve ever attempted – and then head home for some rest, recuperation, writing words (more on that as and when), and working on a few side projects. Peace.

A spirit who claims to be the ghost of Hamlet’s father describes his murder at the hands of Claudius and demands that Hamlet avenge the killing. When the councilor Polonius learns from his daughter, Ophelia, that Hamlet has visited her in an apparently distracted state, Polonius attributes the prince’s condition to lovesickness, and he sets a trap for Hamlet using Ophelia as bait.

You will see that the brain is quite intelligent at convincing you that you need to pay attention to its negative thoughts. It does so because it’s a survival machine and hence has the tendency to focus on danger/threats even if it’s just imaginary. It’s your choice to give attention to it or just ignore it by detaching your awareness from its pull.

Listen . . With faint dry sound, like steps of passing ghosts, the leaves, frost-crisp’d, break from trees and fall. “November Night” by Adelaide Crapsey   I’d like to thank my followers for the support you’ve given my little blog. Life has been busy lately, and I’m finding it difficult to post as often as…

Anonymous wrote:

"When she warned Musolini he was dead within a few short years."

"So when is this Chastisement coming and how is over 50 years "soon"."

I have the same problem and I feel these particular prophecies are not valid anymore or maybe they were falsified somewhere along the road. Red flags over Vatican? Russia's secret armies in Italy? It made sense in the 50-ties but not anymore. Today you would rather expect to see rainbow flags of sodomites. Other signs like natural disasters are by their very nature inconclusive. They happen, well, naturally, and it can be said they are the consequence of the original sin. Ever heard about Pompeii? It was a disaster all right but it certainly did not portend the end of the world. And the disasters of today are hardly more severe than that ones in the past. How about the Black Plague of the middle ages? Actually, I feel it is the lack of such disasters and the ease of dealing with them by means of modern technology that makes people even more careless. As far as private revelations concerning the events soon to happen go I would expect them to be fulfilled well within one generation. Moreover, if the disaster is reverted because people change their lives why is not this fact acknowledged? We can have dozens of warnings and not a single acknowledment that things have changed for the better? Examples abound in the Bible. The problem is not whether Elena Aiello was a holy person but whether what is being passed as her prophecies are actually such. There are well known false versions of the third secret of Fatima which talked in a similar manner about World War III in the cold war era.

Glenn Dallaire wrote: I think that this Scripture explains prophetic timing quite well.

The problem is that Scripture explains the timing of prophecies from the Scriputre. Private revelations do not have the same weight. By their very nature they exist to help us here and now. For things that hold universally and timelessly we have the Scripture (and the prophecies therein) and the doctrine of the Church. What is more, even in the Scripture the timing is important. In the book of Tobias, Tobias the father instructs his son to leave Niniva immediately after his death claiming that the prophecy of its destruction will come to pass. Yet he himself did not leave Niniva. Obviously he had some understanding about the timing of the prophecy, otherwise it would be hard to understand why he did not leave himself.

One of the main problem of the contemporary world is that the corruption is forced on societies by wicked laws based on the ideas of French revolution. The whole concept of "human rights" is rotten to the core. And the societies which refuse to adopt the holy cow of democracy patterned afther the demoralized West are actually bombed and razed to the ground. And NO, it is not Russia that spreads its errors today but USA, EU and satanic UN. How about the obligatory state school system which is the main vehicle of corrupting the youth? These prophecies do not address these problems. If they were true they were relevant for the 50-ties or 60-ties and for some reason they did not come to pass. In Kibeho there were warnings about a possible man-slaughter and it came about soon enough. True prophecies do not fail. Unless I see some compelling proof I am lead to believe that the prophecies that are ascribed to sister Elean Aiello are fake ones.

This was a query from one of the readers. I’ve been with my boyfriend for two and a half years. We have a great relationship but I constantly worry that something ...

Louise’s attempt a burglary is interrupted by the new owner of the mansion she chose to rob. Does she have a chance of escaping the self-professed magician? Is she even sure she wants to?

Sixteen Souls On My Mind / Late Night JamSixteen Souls On My Mind / Late Night JamSixteen Souls On My Mind / Late Night JamSixteen Souls On My Mind / Late Night Jam