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Although popular with the public, the California Raisin campaign eventually failed because its production cost the raisin growers almost twice their earnings. CALRAB , the organization who made the campaign, was also closed on July 31, 1994 due to disagreements with raisin producers over the fairness of required payments to the organization.

Our raisin and apricot filling adds a well-balanced sweetness to this tender juice pork loin, evoking memories of crisp Autumn air and leaves turning gold.

In 1964, further modernization and growth led to the construction of, and move to, a new facility in neighboring Kingsburg. The 640,000-square-foot facility sits on more than 100 acres, and is located 20 miles south of Fresno. To this day, the Kingsburg plant serves as the international headquarters of Sun-Maid Growers of California.

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From what they’ve picked so far, Hirsch winemaker Anthony Filiberti estimated that the site’s yields are down about 10 percent due to raisining, and another 10 percent due to water evaporation, which affects grapes’ weight.

The California Raisins - Sweet Delicious & MarvelousThe California Raisins - Sweet Delicious & MarvelousThe California Raisins - Sweet Delicious & MarvelousThe California Raisins - Sweet Delicious & Marvelous