Johnny clegg & savuka siyayilanda

The singer said he had two bouts of chemotherapy, each six months long, after being diagnosed in 2015, but in 2016 found out he'd have to undergo another session. "I came back in 2016 from my American tour and my cancer tumour count in my blood was up, and a month later it doubled. Now doubling means that there’s a problem. So I went for an MRI and they found two lymph nodes that have just swelled up. And they said, 'well we’re gonna have to put you on the atom bomb [another form of chemotherapy]. So I had six months, I came off of it in February." 

More recently Johnny has released solo albums like 'New World Survivor' (2002), 'One Life' (2006) and 'Human' (2010). His songs have appeared in numerous films, most notably the Oscar-winning 'Rain Man' (1988). Clegg continues to tour the world, including several successful tours of Europe, North America and Australasia. His contribution to South African culture has seen him receive countless honours, including three honorary doctorates, a Grammy nomination (1993), a Billboard Music Award (1994) and a Kora award (1998). In France he was received several medals of honour as well as music industry awards. In 2010 he and Mchunu received Lifetime Achievement Awards at the Samas.

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Johnny Clegg & Savuka SiyayilandaJohnny Clegg & Savuka SiyayilandaJohnny Clegg & Savuka SiyayilandaJohnny Clegg & Savuka Siyayilanda