Gary numan respect

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Gary Numan’s influence can not be understated on modern music, and support act Jayce Lewis is certainly channelling the future sounds of Numan-esque synth. This band is certainly one to watch, a bright future ahead indeed. All the theatrical trappings of Numan with a strong leaning of industrial bands NIN and early Rammstein. Catch these where you can.

Dan, what’s the patriotic flute song that you use that sounds almost like fife and drum? You could envision it in an American war movie like Patton. You used it at 1:10 mark on Evolution of a Revolution .

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So what saved you?
“We had changed our distribution deal to Island which was fine until they got into one of their perennial financial binds, so they themselves did a license deal with EMI which meant that they were unable to help us any more. So we were left high and dry until Warners did a license deal with us, giving us a cheque for £100,000, which was an unprecedented amount of money. Most of which went to pay unprecedented bills.”

Pro Tools received positive reviews from most music critics , based on an aggregate score of 76/100 from Metacritic . [16] AllMusic writer David Jeffries gave it 4 out of 5 stars and viewed it as reappearance of the Wu-Tang Clan's early sound, stating "the uptempo and sometimes oddball rhymes are back in full force here and sit on a set of melancholy soul productions that have that classic Wu atmosphere". [6] Billboard ' s Jeff Vrabel called GZA's rhymes "liquid" and wrote "it's worth a listen to hear what sneaky, suspicious, image-heavy tricks still emerge from his notebook". [17] Ivan Rott of commended GZA's abstract lyrics and the album's musical structure, noting "a distinguishably liquid-like (ahem) sense of continuity and focus throughout the album's duration". [18] JIVE Magazine gave Pro Tools a 5 out of 5 rating and called it "lyrically stunning". [19] Seattle Weekly ' s Kevin Capp praised GZA's lyricism and wrote that he crafts "earthquake-proof rhyme structures, steel hulks whose ornate décor distracts from their essential solidity. In short: the aesthetics mask the utility, as well they should". [12] RapReviews writer Steve Juon gave it an /10 rating and wrote that GZA "honed his lyrical tongue to an even sharper and more polished edge" on the album. [11] Boston Herald writer Chris Faraone gave Pro Tools an A- rating and wrote that GZA "comes as close as he ever has to matching freshman miracle" Liquid Swords (1995). [7]

Gary Numan RespectGary Numan RespectGary Numan RespectGary Numan Respect