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“We have a whole host of people accepting that as just something men do as opposed to understanding it as predatory behavior that is not only immoral, but is also illegal,” Hill told USA Today in April. “We had some social forces coming together, but we had a cultural excuse that overlaid [Trump’s] statement or his explanation.”

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22. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery,   Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1997 , 1999)
 Mike Myers was ditching Saturday Night Live for a full-time film career just as Will Ferrell was joining the cast. Ferrell would play Dieter’s lover on an episode of Sprockets  when Myers hosted the show in 1997, but Myers also helped boost the newcomer’s big-screen visibility by giving him one of his first movie roles. Ferrell appears in the first two Austin Powers films as Mustafa, an ethnically ambiguous henchman to Dr. Evil whose two distinguishing qualities are revealing sensitive information only after he’s asked three times, and suffering traumatic injuries that leave him comically at death’s door. If, like us, you find the Austin Powers series more miss than hit, you may not even remember that Ferrell was in any of them, but his character’s off-the-charts anguish is an all-too-brief pleasure in this franchise.

“We went back and forth,” the actress wrote, “until finally he turned to the waiter and said, ‘Get her what I tell you to get her. I’m the one paying the bill.’”

What is your favorite place you have ever traveled  to and why?  I'd have to go with Lake Michigan. It's not the most extravagant or exotic trip by far but since my kids were young, it's been an annual trip to travel up the west coast of Michigan and explore new little beach towns. It's been a way to connect them with my birth state, enjoy nature and make great memories. It's also where I committed to coming out three years ago. 

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According to the Washington Post , the . Department of Health and Human Services treated some 420 out of 7,500 refugees at Houston’s George R. Brown Convention Center, some for “diarrhea or vomiting that could be associated with a virus or contaminated floodwater.”

We came to work at this company because we love movies. We grew up watching Miramax films, and came to associate that name, and later the name Weinstein, with great storytelling.

Harvey McKay / Let's Go Outside Output / Girls Don't Like MeHarvey McKay / Let's Go Outside Output / Girls Don't Like MeHarvey McKay / Let's Go Outside Output / Girls Don't Like MeHarvey McKay / Let's Go Outside Output / Girls Don't Like Me